Friends and Family User Application

All our customers can allow someone they know and trust to help them get the best out of their MyBHA account by giving them a Friends and Family login to their MyBHA account.  This applies to all account types and is subject to approval by the Association.

Private landlords or garage tenants wishing to manage multiple factoring accounts can also use this service.

Why use the service?

We understand that not everyone wants to use email or the internet but we want all of our customers to benefit from the convenience of having access to our services 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  If you have a friend, relative, or client who is a Bridgewater Housing Association tenant or factored owner and who isn’t keen on using email or internet services, you could help them! They’re missing out on our convenient online service.

Our Friends & Family Service lets you authorise a friend, family member, or perhaps someone who provides you with professional support, as your representative to manage your MyBHA account on your behalf. They will have full access to your MyBHA account so they can do everything you can in MyBHA – from ordering repairs to paying rent. They will also be able to access all of the documents held in the ‘My Documents’ section of your MyBHA account, so it’s important your representative is someone you trust. Unless your representative has a legal right to act on your behalf – for example, if they have Power of Attorney – we will always check with you to make sure the service is right for you before we give them access.

Applying is easy; just use the form below. Alternatively, you can telephone us, call into our office, or ask your Housing Officer for help.

Our Friends & Family Service allows a representative, authorised by our tenant, to manage their account online for them. The representative has their own log in so we can see the actions they have taken on our customer's behalf. Importantly, you stay in control – unless they have a legal right to represent you (such as a Power of Attorney), we will always check with you before activating the service and you can cancel at any time if they wish.

Assessing your application

Where someone has an existing legal right to represent you – for example, if they have a Power of Attorney and a copy is attached to the application, we should be able to assess your application within five working days. In other cases, we may want to check details with you to ensure this is the right service for you, and we aim to complete all assessments within ten working days. Once approved, we will then e-mail your representative and ask them to activate their login to your MyBHA account – and that’s it!

If you are a tenant or owner who also has a garage/lock up, please use this service to manage multiple accounts.

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